Performance Statistics of Java™ Applications Using DTrace and Chime
Steven Reynolds

Picture of System Calls Chime Display

DTrace is a command line tool in Solaris and Apple OS-X that can collect information and statistics from over 100,000 instrumentation points in the kernel and applications. Chime is was a tool for easily constructing dynamic graphs of DTrace output.

Note that after Oracle purchased Sun, Oracle decided to discontinue open development of the OpenSolaris core software and moved it “behind closed doors.” After this transition, Chime seems to have either been lost or withered. DTrace, on the other hand, has been released fully GPLv2+ and ported to other operating systems.

Below are some Chime displays for Java applications. These are of historical interest only given the lack of availability of the Chime tool itself.

Picture of Monitor Wait Time Chime Display

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