Clojure Collections
Steven Reynolds

Diagram of a map before and after adding an element


Clojure is a new Lisp dialect for the Java™ Virtual Machine that provides many interesting features for concurrency: Software Transactional Memory (STM), purely functional collections, and tight control of mutability. Clojure also provides great interop with Java libraries and code.

I have given a talk on Clojure Collections and also published a paper on the same topic in the Pragmatic Programmers magazine.

Clojure Collections and Functional Programming (Houston Techfest 2011)

I gave this talk at the Houston Techfest in 2011. The diagrams in this talk are much better than the paper published in the summer.

Clojure Collections (Pragmatic Programmers Magazine July 2011)

This paper was published in the July 2011 issue of Pragmatic Programmer Magazine. The diagrams are not as nice as the talk from October, but on the other hand, there are lots more words.

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